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A1708 / EMC 3164: lanzado en junio de 2017, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico conserva sus teclas de función tradicionales (a diferencia de la barra táctil OLED).

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How to fix Pictures and Videos problem

I have problem viewing images and videos clearly.

This seems to affect high quality images. They appear as if there is a kind of filter. But on a very low quality image, I can see the image clearly as normal. Videos are not clear also. It appears as if my system fell into water or there is a filter on it.

Now apart from the log on screen (since the background contains a large image), I can work with my system as normal. But when I use it for few hours, and switch between windows, the windows overlaps on the screen. Like the previous window joins with the current window I switched to thereby making it unusable at that point.

I contacted Apple and they did reset my graphic/video setting but that did not help. So they guess it might be a hardware problem.

PS: I’m guessing it fell down, but the guy that was with it before the issue started said it didn’t fall down.

Please, any Idea how I can go about this?

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Does the effect also show up on an external display?

Can you post an set of pictures showing the effect as well as when you are able to get it to show up correctly. Here's how to post them: Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

Not sure if you have a internal display issue or the graphics services of the CPU is messed up or you are expecting more than what it can offer (this system uses the Intel Iris graphics engine only which is limited)

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Hi, I did not test on an external display. But I took screenshots when the probelm occured. When I view the image on an external display, it shows correctly...

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Hi Gideon,

Sounds like a hardware problem, your LCD could be damaged, or you will need to replace the logic-board.

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wow, thanks for your response.

Doesn't sound like a quick fix. I thought it might be something I could fix easily, maybe I need to visit an Apple store...

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With the new info your display has a problem. This could be expensive! $800 US for a replacement.

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