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Kenwood FM stereo receiver Model Eleven III. This stereo is from the 1970s.

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Looking for input switch, any ideas where I can find one?

Looking for input switch, any ideas where I can find one?

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You really need to elaborate on what you are looking for. Is this an original replacement part? If so, what is your model number? Is the something you want to add externally? Are you looking for a single pole throw? Are you looking for a selector switch?

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Hi @kenwood11 ,

Here’s a link to page the service manual for a Kenwood Elelven III - KR1000, showing the part number for the input selector switch ref. S20, (S29 2018 05)

Unfortunately searching online using the part number produced no results.

You could try searching online for a suitably priced, non working Kenwood KR1000 and see if there is one available that maybe you could salvage the switch from and use the rest of the receiver for replacement spares in the future.

Just a thought.

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