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iPhone 6 screen compressed

Hello, most of the screens of iPhone 6 generic do not get married to the frame.

I could agree that it is because of a deformation (distortion) of the frame but why a screen of origin get married well to the frame?!

Look at the photos of comparaison.


Block Image

Block Image

I want to open my shop but this problem prevents me from it...

(The screens which I use does not come of iFixit) .

Do you know a supplier of screen who has no this problem?

I tried many different suppliers but always the same problem.

Thank you.

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This is usually caused by pushing down the back metal plate too much against the screen when tightening the screws. To mitigate this issue usually you just loosen the screws a bit or readjust the back metal plate.

The top left near the volume buttons and silent switch is a common spot for a gap to between the screen and the iPhone housing, mostly due to aftermarket screens having thicker plastic frames.

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Yes you are right, in my case I did not go up the metal frame.

And yes the screen is actually more thick. Screens OEM one he centres him too thick also ? Or they keep the frame of origin ?


For suppliers that stock OEM grade screens I would assume their frames are more thinner.

iPhone screen frames aren't really reusable due to how they are made which is mostly plastic and a thin frame so a new frame is used instead.


All right, you have already used screens OEM? If yes you find a big difference with the frames of origins?


Yes, it is generally the refurbished screens that are closest to original.

I'm using aftermarket for now because I've been able to get hold of a supplier that has iPhone screens with frames not too thick.

It's a local supplier though in Australia so I don't have much more info than that.


I am thus going to try the quality OEM, it is enough of to find a supplier with a constant quality.

Thank you very much of your information she(it) helps me to move forward


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