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My ceiling fan doesn’t blow down like it’s supposed to

Any ideas as to why my ceiling fan isn’t blowing air like it’s supposed to? We’ve cleaned it, even tried switching the blades around and nothing…

can anyone help…

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This is an easy answer

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Are there directional buttons on the fan’s remote control?

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@shanersgirl1 there should be a switch on your fan that let’s you reverse it’s turning direction. See if that makes a difference. For as long as the fan moves it should be pushing air, no matter what.

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We tried that, I just looked and it’s down… idk thanks though

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Try changing the capacitor in your fan. Check the old capacitor & replace with ane with similar rating.

For example, If 2.25uF is the calculated safe capacitance that is in the fan; 2.5uF can be used in place of 2.25uF (as it is one of the closest value) can be used, without increase in temperature of the fan motor beyond its failure. The speed of fan will slightly increase with slight increase in temperature of winding. But you may find very less reduction in speed control in lower speeds.

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Just below the main stalk of the fan, there should be a switch for changing the direction of spin.

Because the blades are slanted, one direction causes air to move up (for summer), the other direction causes air to move down (for winter).

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