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The Acer Aspire ES1-711-P1UV is a laptop developed by Acer. It uses a Windows 8 operating system and an Intel Pentium N3540 processor.

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Acer Aspire Wont turn on

When I press the power button on my machine, the chargingLED turns on and stays solid, but when I press the power button, the blue led turns on then straight off again. If I hold the power button down the blue LED flashes consistently. Does anyone know what is happening ?

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Could be happening lots of things, but first I need to know:

-Was the laptop working properly and then shutdowns while working?? or you shut it down correctly and later it wont power up????

-The battery was working fine??

-Has you try another power cord??

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yeah it was working perfectly fine . I just shut it down for bed then tried using it the next after noon and nothing. The battery was accepting charge and functioning correctly and I recently got a new power cable today, that's what prompted me to write this

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same issue here, could you solve it?

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no. I just eventually gave up. I think its just a dead motherboard.

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So, as I said before it could be a lot of things and it looks like it might be complicated.

- First, you need to disassembly your laptop, you could do it by following this guide for battery replacement: guide.

- Check if the motherboard if contaminated by dirt and if so clean it up, if the problem persist...

- Try powering up your laptop with the battery disconnected, in order of determine if your battery is in bad shape.

- If the problem continues, you´ll need to test with a multi-meter if you have voltage in the board, and what happens with that voltage when you press the power button. It could be a component in the main-board that is creating a short once it gets voltage.

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right I can confirm that the battery is holding charges cause the blinking still happens when I remove the power cable. And it does the same thing when the battery is disconnected with the ac adapter still in. Where would be the best place to start from?

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Quick Update. The Wifi card was shorting the computer out I have since remove it and the laptop powers on the hard drive spun up and then parked but I think that's cause I took out the fan but im not sure ill reassemble and update again

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Computer powers up, no fan activity but the hard disk spins up. No output to the inbuilt screen and no output to an external one either

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Did you try cleaning up the RAM memory with an eraser? I also recommend that you do all this test with the hard-drive disconnected (it could get damaged with the in and out of power).

I can´t remember if that model has an 3V battery inside for saving the hour/date and Bios config. Look for it if you found it make a little short between the + and -, to reset Bios by Default

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How do I make it a little short

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