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My Panasonic led tv doesn't turn on

My Panasonic led tv doesn't turn on, after I press the power button on tv, after I plug into a socket, it only shows a steady red light (stand by status) then after I press the power button it turns off, no red or green light no sound no light up, just nothing. The remote is damaged. How can I fix this? Thanks

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Ok, I already opened it up, cleaned the board by softly brushing The dusts and blowing it with a hand pump. I have no remote yet guess ill have to buy one soon. Most of the time my kids will just automatically turn the tv on by plugging it then the green light blinks up automatically then turns on without entering the red light stand by as before. Just until then that it it doesn't turns.


My tv set is a PANASONIC LED TV model: TH-L42E5M.


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since you already know that your remote is not working properly, you want to replace that first. If that does not work, you do need to take a closer look at your power board. You’ll need some basic tools and a multimeter for further testing. Let us know the exact model of your TV, and what you have tried to fix it. You also want to consider posting some pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

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