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Is there any chance to get back a GPU that fails to boot?

When I say "a GPU that fails to boot" I mean that when this GPU is in the computer, computer won't boot. At all.

The PSU will make a little "tick" noise, but nothing moves.

With another GPU, the computer works perfectly.

I changed the thermal paste on the defect GPU (after it stoped working !!).

No effect.

Thanks for your inputs.

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Please tell us what this in in. Is it on a video card on on a logic board? What's the make and model number?


It's an EVGA GTX 980 Ti video card. Tell me if you need anything more, I will provide :)

Sorry for not including this in the initial message.


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Hi @oukourj

What power supply are you using? and replacement graphic card you are using too.

You mentioned that the computer cannot power up with this GPU, but it could be due to bad power supply not giving enough power.

From experiences, there could be shorted components, e.g. MOSFET in the card which is shorting it, thus drawing high amount of current.

The power supply detects and stop operating as a safety measure.

I will write it off as a hardware issues, as doing this compopnent repair need proper tools and equipment.

if it is still under warranty, send in for repair.

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The PSU is a Seasonic 1000W Gold (don't have precise model here, but I can post later if needed). It works perfectly as far as I can tell, and most probably gives enough power (don't have a big rig except that 980).

The replacement video card is a GTX 680.

The computer will also boot with 2 GTX 680 in SLI, so again, I think the PSU gives enough power.

Yeah I definitely think it's a hardware issue, but afaik EVGA doesn't give any warranty if you are not the orinigal owner. I bought it second hand, and it worked great for 2 years.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of repairs could I try ? Would you have a link to a tutorial (even if it's tough and technical).

Thank you


Hi @oukourj ,

Given that it worked OK for 2 years, did anything happen to cause it to fail, e.g video card fans failed, power outage, video cable tripped on and tugged connector, etc?

Have you gone over the card with strong light and a magnifying glass to inspect for any possible obvious component damage on the card?

It mightn't be the GPU chip itself that is the problem but other necessary components on the card involved in the power supply to the chip. For example. no power to the chip it won't work ;-)


Well the computer was running a performance-heavy game and suddenly crashed, that's all. Actually, now that I think about it, it had crashed various times. It is possible that I was overclocking the CPU. But I can't overclock the bus with my MB, only the CPU core voltage, so I would not think this could have an impact. Still looks like it did.

So, now that I remember well (it was 2 months ago), it probaly happened that way :

1. Tried various overclocks of the CPU core voltage.

2. The computer started turning OFF while playing this performance-heavy game.

3. After a few more tries (not touching much of the overclock but still launching the game and crashing), the computer turned off once more but did not turn on again.

4. Changed the PSU with a new one I bought. No luck.

5. Changed the video card (the 980Ti) for a older one (GTX680), and tada, it works, either with the new or the old PSU.

So the PSU is definitely not the problem, GPU is definitely dead.

Also note that I now found ideal overclocking settings and the computer runs like a charm (with the old GPU though, of course).


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