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Segunda generación multi -touch, ratón inalámbrico lanzado por Apple el 14 de Octubre de 2015. Modelo A1657.

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Magic Mouse 2 is no longer working after 2 years. Battery?

Aloha from Maui.

I pulled out my magic mouse 2 last week to use with my laptop.

-Apparently dead

-LEDs on the bottom never turn on

-My guess is that the internal rechargeable battery has died after 2-3 years.

-Since I have nothing to lose, can I open it up and try to swap in a new battery?

-Where do I get a battery for that device?

Thank you,


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a reasonably priced battery does not seem to be available ... will keep looking but not hopeful search results in 40 to $50 prices, might be cheaper to get new mouse

don h


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You’re lucky the battery lasted this long. Replace it.

UPDATE 3/18/19

See time @ 2.50 of this guide

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Replace what? The mouse or the battery?

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@skiziks The subject of my answer is the battery.

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Its lithium battery. You cannot change it. Is there someone that knows anything here that can help?

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It‘s a shame ifixit doesn’t offer a replacement battery part yet, but I found one here if you guys also need one:

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