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Segunda generación multi -touch, ratón inalámbrico lanzado por Apple el 14 de Octubre de 2015. Modelo A1657.

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Magic Mouse 2 is no longer working after 2 years. Battery?

Aloha from Maui.

I pulled out my magic mouse 2 last week to use with my laptop.

-Apparently dead

-LEDs on the bottom never turn on

-My guess is that the internal rechargeable battery has died after 2-3 years.

-Since I have nothing to lose, can I open it up and try to swap in a new battery?

-Where do I get a battery for that device?

Thank you,


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a reasonably priced battery does not seem to be available ... will keep looking but not hopeful search results in 40 to $50 prices, might be cheaper to get new mouse

don h


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You’re lucky the battery lasted this long. Replace it.

UPDATE 3/18/19

See time @ 2.50 of this guide

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Replace what? The mouse or the battery?

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@skiziks The subject of my answer is the battery.

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@mayer I would like to let you know the youtube video has been taken down. I did not find an archive of the video.

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It‘s a shame ifixit doesn’t offer a replacement battery part yet, but I found one here if you guys also need one:

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You can replace the battery! This guide gives you all the information, and tools needed, and what parts you will need for this repair. best of luck!

Reemplazo de la batería del Magic Mouse 2

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Its lithium battery. You cannot change it. Is there someone that knows anything here that can help?

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I would like to clarify and correct this. You can replace the lithium-ion battery on the Apple Magic Mouse 2 according to According to step 10 of this teardown (Desmontaje del Magic Mouse 2)

Although it has a 2/10 repair score, it is still possible to replace the battery

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