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Is this look like a crack or a scratch?

Lens model: Minolta Maxxum AF 80-200 (F4.5-5.6) (A mount)

Damage pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I inherited this lens in unknown condition for free (along with a mint Minolta 50mm 1:7). These lenses can be used on Sony A Mount and E Mount cameras with an adapter (LA-EA2/4), which is why I took them.

I looked at both the lenses, and while the 50mm passed, the 80-200 has some concerning damage. It feels fine mechanically but I noticed this when I was inspecting the glass for serious damage. I strongly suspect this is a crack or deep scratch. I felt it with a trimmed nail and I feel nothing on the outside as well. Based on the way it's reflecting light, I suspect it's a crack.

I am not 100% sure what the issue is (despite knowing how to identify most lens issues); I've identified it down to 2 potential problems, but I need some additional help because I'm not sure at this point.

Since I feel nothing, I can conclude it was likely 1 of 2 things:

  • Deep scratch (no impact)
  • Internal glass crack (WILL have an impact)

Judging from the prices of this lens on the used market, the lens isn't worth getting a professional inspection on. The average price for an excellent copy is ~$15-22, so it's going to be cheaper to buy another copy without this issue if nobody can help ID it. I can see it through the Haze-1 filter the lens came with, if this is a clue how deep it is. I am not sure why the previous owner put the filter on, but I suspect it was installed to mask this damage.

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It looks like a scratch to me. Its hard to tell without having the lens right in front of me though

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I was hoping the photos would help. If you're referring to the general surface I'm not concerned about those; the main concern is that major one.

I understand. You really need something like this in front of you. Photos help, but you practically need to have seen the damage firsthand to know just off of that.

- de

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