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How can I fix my laptop that turns on but shows nothing on the screen?

So I decided to update to my HP 8440p elitebook and thought I could do it just like any other software, I had no idea.

I downloaded the installation from the official website and opened it and hit next next install like an idiot. The laptop turned off, I turned it on but nothing shows up on the monitor, just a black screen.

I did notice that the caps lock turns off and on which doesn't happen normally.

I've tried to hook up the laptop to an external monitor but still nothing just a black screen.

I would appreciate some help, thanks!

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Did you check for error LEDs as suggested or can you get into BIOS on startup?

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I don´t think that the install trying and the no video problem are related, it could be a causality, so, I´ve seen that error other times and could be something very easy, try powering off your laptop and taking out the RAM memories and cleaning the contacts of the memory with an eraser; then make sure that there is no rest of the eraser in your RAM memories and put them back and try powering the laptop on.

If the problem remains there are other things to do, but try the easy way first.

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thank you for the answer, I tried this but it still turns on with nothing sitting on the monitor

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try an external display, if the problem remains, you´ll need to disassembly entirely you laptop and try a full clean-up.

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Sir I have same problem but your way was doesn't work.

Please sir give me another solution.

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@Dharmveer Gurlya it seems like there are two separate conversations going on here. We will need to know a few things from you. What computer are you referring to (make and model)? What happened to it? Did you try to update something on your computer? We need MORE details so we can pull this together and help you out....

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What did you update? Windows 10, an application, . . .?

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@aactech mike, I am making an assumption here so correct me if I am wrong. Your questions are in reference to the question by "Dharmveer Gurlya" not the OP.

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Watch this video to find out how to read the blinking caps lock message, then if your battery is NOT removable watch this one to see how to reset it.  If your battery is removable try this, to reset it.  Shut down the laptop, unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery.  Press and hold the power button for about a minute.  Reinsert the battery, connect the AC adapter and see if the laptop boots.

Follow the advice on the specific error code at hp. See @jayeff "s comment for the link

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Sir i also try this method but not any positive result.

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