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Cigarette lighter stopped working!

Good evening community.

I'm the proud owner of a 1998 acura tl 3.2v6. I do a lot of tinkering with my baby boy, and yesterday I was using the air compressor which plugs in to the cigarette lighter, as I normally do, and it just stopped. I plugged my cell charger in it see if it was the fuse in the compressor, but the charging light didn't come on either. I checked the kick panel fuse box, and low and behold, there's no fuse for the cig lighter! I checked the radio fuse(good), and I checked the interior light fuse(good). I even checked the fuses under the Hood in the relay box, all good! I've searched for an answer, and I keep seeing: cig lighter fuse, but this car doesn't have one! Does anybody know anything I should try?

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When in doubt test all the fuses in the fuse box with a multi meter on ohm setting , its faster if you have a tone setting .You don't need to pull the fuse to test them just put your prob to the to pins in the top of the fuse . Fuses are often shared so if you notice something else not working they may share the same circuit. Hope this helps

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Thank you sir! I'm going to try that


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