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Why are there lines in my photos?

Everytime I print a picture with my snap, it comes out with weird lines through the picture. It hasn’t always been like this so I’m not sure what happened. I’ve tried used different packs of film, but the lines still showed up. I also tried cleaning inside of the Polaroid with a cotton swab like other people suggested but it didn’t work. Please help!An example of the lines

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It's likely caused by dirty heads or bad paper. Since ZINK is a thermal technology, it dpends on the thermal head being clean. This is also why the paper packs include a cleaning/calibration sheet.

Try a new pack of paper, which will rule out bad paper and dirty heads. Most ZINK printers dislike sudden paper changes (not a problem with dye sub), so use the current pack up to avoid sync problems. This may not be the case every time, but it's the norm with most ZINK printers. If this doesn't fix it, then the thermal head is bad.

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How could I fix the thermal head?

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The thermal head looks replaceable, but it likely requires a donor camera with a different issue to get one.

ZINK printers are targeted towards people who want a pocket size printer for social meetups, so repair isn't a priority.

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Mine started printing lines after an update. I updated because the colors were terrible. Now it's $%@! ruined.

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