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Touch screen is not always working

Just got my brand new J7 pro 2 days.

The touch screen in not always working , sometimes it works and sometimes no, it's very annoying me in terms of typing and overall usage.

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Do you have tempered glass screen protector installed on the phone by any chance? I've heard the touch screen isn't great on this model.

Source: My touch screen is not working always

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Yes I do have a screen protector.

So u r telling me to remove it, right?

In this case the screen will be in risk all the time and from my experience it won't stay long as it is:(

One more thing I have heard that the software update will fix this issue, do u have any idea?

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It's worth a try, do the software update via the settings if there is an update already.

Also just to be safe do a backup via Samsung Smart switch on computer in case it decides to brick itself. You never know when an update may fail.

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I also have a tempered glass screen protector installed on my phone now I see why I had the same problem. than you for the answer.


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