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Computer restarting on its own (2018 / Windows 10) TAGS:


Just like the title suggest, my computer restarts sometimes without asking beforehand.

It mostly happen when my computer is under pressure because of games such as CsGo and more recently Dauntless, but is working fine for countless hours on some other game like The Witcher 3, PUBG, ForHonor which are also quite demanding.

So be more specific on how it shutdowns :

-The computer instantly stops without any warning.

-After 1-2s, it automatically turn on again.

-After completely restarted, no message is displayed.

-If I launch again the game I was playing, there is a high probability that the computer will shutdown in less than 5minutes

-If I wait a bit before playing the game again, I can play for about 30min to some hours without issues

Here is my configuration :

- Operating System : Windows 10 64bit

- CPU : Intel core i7 4770K 3.5GHz

- RAM : 4x4.0 Go DDR3 666MHz

- MotherBoard : AsRock Z87 Pro3

- Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 4095 Mb

- Power Supply : G650-MAS Lepa : ouput 650W 80+ Gold (quite old tho, 5-6years)

-Storage : SSD 250GB / SSD 500GB / HD 500GB

- Peripherals : Around 6 USB utilized.

Gaming Keyboard (Blackwidow Chroma)

The event log of the issue :

Log name : System

Source : Kernel-power

Date : 30/05/2018 : 19.31.22

Event : 41

Task Category : (63)

Level : Critial

Keywords : (70368744177664),(2)


Computer : xxxxxxxxx

Opcode : Informations

Description :

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

(Had to translate it from french, might contain small mistakes, sorry)

I think this is everything I have, hope this is enough so that you guys can come with an idea, thank you in advance :)

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Here's a link that shows how to disable the auto restart function in a Win 10 PC. to see if there is an error message on shutdown. (It is valid for all makes of PC not just HP) Scroll down a bit to section "Step 1: Disabling the automatic restart option to view error messages"

If that proves inconclusive you may have to create a dump file to see what's going on and then go online to get help getting it analysed.

Have you checked how dusty the internal fans (CPU and PSU) and the CPU heatsinks are?

- de

Hey, thank you for you reply

I already disabled the auto restart function a while ago, but it's still shutting down without any warning or prompting anything. The computer just stops immediately.

I have dump file enabled, at least the small image one (256ko)

But I just can't find a folder where it could be stored, the location of it is clear, but after browsing to the location, there is no folder whatsoever.

I cleaned my computer of dust recently, did all the fans with an air compressor. I don't think this is the issue

- de


Have you altered the size of the Page File or disabled it? If it is too small you may not be able to save the dump files.

Have you tried running the PC in 'safe mode' for a while just to see if it happens? I realize that perhaps you cannot run your games etc but if it does fail it points more to a hardware issue.

- de

I never touched anything like that, If the default should work, then it should, I don't know...

I can use my computer for months without having this issue, as long as I don't play certain games, I don't think going in 'safe mode' will show any results

- de

i have the same problem dude... did you fixed it ? if you did.. please tell me how

- de

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Have you notice your machine overheating?

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These time the weather is really hot, my room is between 24-31°C (96-108°F)

And when I check at the temperature of my computer it's at ~40°C (120°F ) for the CPU and ~47°C (137°F ) for the graphic card without playing.

I'll try to keep an eye on the temperature as I'll launch the game, until the computer restart, I'll answer soon

- de

Just did a temperature check while playing the game, and it did crash.

CPU : 56°C (max) (132°F)

GC : 64°C (max) (147°F)

- de

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Check all this and report your findings:

  • Renew your thermal paste
  • Put the PC on a well grounded surface away from any static electricity
  • Try and sheild and/or move the PC away from any speakers, mice, etc. To minimize EMI
  • Download HWMonitor and take note of anything above 75°c
  • Re-install GPU driver (From GeForce experience, not devices)
  • Disable any overclocks
  • Set virtual memory on the C: drive to system managed size
  • Download Malwarebytes and run a scan. Also run a full scan from windows defender.

What model exactly is your boot drive, and are the games that crash installed to it? It may be the cause, especially if it's old.

It crashes in CS:GO but not PUBG? That's odd. I suggest you do a little more testing to make sure of this.

Also, a 4GB 1080? Is that a European version?

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- I don't have thermal paste right now, I'll think of buying some soon

- My computer is already on the floor, on some PVC surface

- I don't use any speaker, my computer is under my desk which is 5cm in thickness, I do use wifi on it with external antenna but might it cause problem ?

- I downloaded it and checked, everything is under 60°C except for the graphical card which can go up to 62-63°C

- I installed drivers through GeForce Experience

- I didn't overclocked my computer

- It is already set on, with around 4Go allocated

- I indeed had some malware, but the problem is still here

- de

My boot drive is a Crucial_CT240M500SSD1 (SSD) alias Crucial M500, 240 Go, SATA III

I'm pretty sure of it tho, I currently have 246hours in PUBG, never crashed once, 197 hours in ForHonor, never crashed (that way at least), also 119h in ARK never had a problem

But I can't play a single match in CsGo without my computer shutting down once. I have 587 hours and the problem is there since I have 450h and I also have 350h on another account, every single game I crash at least on time.

Same for Dauntless, If I turn off my second screen, I can prbably play for 1h or so and then it crashes.

Ok that's quite weird, I have in my hand the paper when I got delivered : "MSI GTX 1080 X+ 8G" but when using Speccy it's showing me "4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (MSI)"

- de

@snowyou Try the windows directX repair tool. Press Win-R and enter "dxdiag" to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Open the Display tab to see the status of Direct3D and other graphics components in DirectX. Read the "Notes" box to learn about any errors with Direct3D. If DirectX is installed correctly, it will read "No problems found"

Try this download link to get fresh versions of directX:

Also re-installing the graphics driver may help if you haven't done that already. Re-installing CS:GO could help, and you'll at least want to verify file integrity via steam

- de

4GB allocated for virtual memory isn't enough. I've tried this before and it caused games to repeatedly crash. I find system managed size is best.

- de

No problem found except for my USB mic but it's because Windows thinks it needs a pilote when the mic don't need any, I got the UM30 eagletone. Shouldn't create any problem.

I installed directX again.

Reinstalled graphics driver earlier, and installed CsGo counltess times already.

Changed the virtual memory to auto mode.

- de

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Salut Philippe, je ne sais pas si tu as trouvé une solution depuis mais au cas où : j'ai exactement le même souci chaque été, PC qui s'éteint inopinément surtout sur les jeux... Mais pas tous : je peux jouer not stop sur Day of defeat mais PUBG me flingue l'ordi en quelques minutes, pareil pour Premiere Pro. J'ai tourné le problème dans tous les sens, j'ai effectivement un problème de GPU et de chauffe, j'ai donc fais plusieurs modifications qui pourraient peut-être t'aider :

- J'ai changé le sens de mon alimentation PC, car je pense que c'est elle qui coupe l'ordi. En suivant des conseils sur des forums, je l'avais placé ventilateur vers le bas pour amener l'air frais dans le boitier, mais en observant je me suis rendu compte que le ventilateur ne tournait jamais. Dans l'autre sens il tourne tout le temps, et extrait ainsi l'air chaud vers l'extérieur

- mise à jour de mes pilotes de carte graphique

- déplacement d'un disque dur pour laisser mieux circuler l'air (j'ai 6 disques dans la tour donc ça prend de la place)

- installation de MSI After Afterburner qui permet de gérer la fréquence GPU et la vitesse des ventilateurs. J'ai baissé ma GTX 670 OC de 200MHz et mis les ventilateurs à 100% quand je suis en jeu.

Depuis tout à l'air de tourner malgré les 35° d'hier et aujourd'hui.

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Except for the measures you did above, you can try these methods.

1. Delete the bad registry files manually.

2. Check the hardware issue, including CPU, RAM and external devices and power supply.

3. Install antivirus software to scan and remove virus from computer.

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