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Tableta Surface Pro de tercera generación, lanzada el 20 de junio de 2014.

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New Screen, No signs of life.

Hey team. I have a microft surface pro 3 in the store, and i just did a screen replacement on it.

The device wont show an image. I have gotten the charger in. when i plug it in, the LED on the charger turns on, and recognizes that something is there. The device's Logic board gets warm, but not overheating. The fan stays off. The only sign i see of it booting, is that the device lets me charge a phone off of it, even while the surface is unplugged from the AC Adapter.

Ive been fiddling with these little pin pads between the connections for the last hour, thinking that maybe they are just off alignment, but i have started to feel there is something else.

Can someone help me with a resistance and voltage test on the battery? what are the specs that should be coming out.

---I have ordered in a second new screen, and it is having the same issue. can anyone out there provide me with any solutions?---

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A hard reset for the surface pro 3 is holding VolDown + Power, if this doesn't bring it to life you'll unfortunately have to wait for the charger to come in.

Hope this helps,


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thanks! it didnt get it running, but this is exactly the information i was looking for. i appreciate it.

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so i got the charger in, and it still isnt booting up.

I plug it it, and the LED on the charger end turns on.

the motherboard warms up after about 5 minutes.

the fan does not turn on, and there is no sign of bootup.

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this just in, my GS8+ connects to it. and is set to data transfer, not just charging. so the device is on. Possibly a bad Screen?

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That is definitely a possibility. I would disconnect the battery and try to reseat the display connector while the battery is disconnected. If it still does not work, then I would assume its a dead display.

(Also if you're happy with my answer please select it as "Chosen Answer")

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I have upvoted your answer. should your assistance result in a resolution of my problems, i will accept it as the chosesn solution.

I disconnect the battery as soon as possible with every repair i do, and have repeated your suggested actions multiple times over the last couple hours. I'll order in a new screen, and see if that helps my issue. if it does, or if you have any other suggestions that result in my issue being solved, i will gladly accept it as the chosen solution.

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I just fixed one the had a black screen by replacing the lcd spacer between the flex and the board!! Works perfectly

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I just replaced the screen on a surface pro 3 including the black cable which runs from the screen to the MB. I have no backlight. The machines runs fine. I can navigate within windows using a flashlight held close up again the screen which allows me to barely see. If I hook up an external display I also get nothing on it. Thoughts? Thank you, Tim

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Touch also works fine.

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Have you found a way around this problem?

My SP3 excibits the same behavior.

Replaced screen, charger light constantly on but the laptop does not boot !

Checked with both screens (old & new).

Tried everything i could, even checking the connections multiple times.

Needless to say how many times i pressed the combo Power+Vol Up..

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no, i have not fixed it. i have run additional diode tests, and all show the same failure. unfortunately, i may be replacing a surface pro 3 for a client.

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Thanks for the response mate. Sad this didnt work out.

I have ordered a new motherboard and a new battery, as these are the only things that i haven't changed. I will be reporting back when the parts arrive.

Anyone has a good guide on how to measure the Voltage of the battery and/or other tests i should perform ?

The voltage on my multimeter shows 8,5Volts which is a bit off on the "old" battery, taking in account the 7,6V which is the rating of the OEM battery.

My suspition is that either the battery is dead, cause when i tried reconnecting it , i saw a little spark arc from the battery to the mobo.

Nevertheless and for me to be on the safe side, i will be changing the motherboard also with an i7 variant and 8GB of ram, which is a great upgrade from the i5-4GB i had.

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i hope this worked out for you. let me know what it ended up being.

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thanks m8.

Finally i had installed the new i7 motherboard and my surface pro 3 is up and running again, faster than ever!

The old board is probably toasted. When i have the time i will take a better look @ it cause im guessing smt is fried in the process of switching the new screen.

Overall im disappointed by the quality of these MS hybrids. i guess packing such punch, in such a small form factor comes at a cost, but the after sales support of Microsoft is simply for laughs.

@ the end of the 2 year warranty you are on your own, even if you are willing to pay the cost of the repair on a certified MS center. The only option is to swap it for a new one @ 500dollars, even for a cracked screen.. this is simply unacceptable

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I have replaced the lcd flex and I still get nothing from my screen. When I plug it up to tv with HDMI i can see the device on, but can't touch to power it down or navigate. When I push down both the volume and power buttons and the boot menu pops up, I can actually use the blank screen to navigate on the menu. ANY IDEAS as to why this SP3 is acting like this, and possible solution??

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