headphone work well but no speaker

i can hear sound coming out from headphone, but when it was unplugged i did not

hear sound from speaker. i tried troubleshooting and all other settings but problem still unsolved. please advise.

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Hi Khchiu2002

Had you tried removing and reinstalling the drivers ?


Scroll down to Audio (Realtek)

Download and install the drivers.

Hopefully it should works,

else navigate to control panel, hardware and sound, ensure the playback is correct set.


Hi @salmonjapan ,

You give good answers.

Why don't you post them as an answer instead of a comment?

That way people can express appreciation and thanks by upvoting them.

Asking questions in a comment as you have done before to elicit more information is different as obviously it is not an answer.

Cheers ;-)


@jayeff :D no worries

Have a great day - cheers


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