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The Asus Transformer Book T100TAF is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet with a detachable keyboard released in March 2015.

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What drivers required after reinstalling Windows 10

Hi, I@ve reinstalled Windows 10 on my T100TA and reinstalled the touchpad driver but wondered if there were any others missing, or does Windows take care of the rest? Thanks.

Update (05/02/2018)

What I'm asking is, which way is better? Does Windows use generic drivers or are the ones from Asus the right ones?

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Hi @geordiemick ,

Installing the manufacturer's drivers is the better way to go. After all they know their product best.

Not in all cases but sometimes the generic Windows drivers don't have all the 'features' that the manufacturer's drivers have.

Here is another link to Asus drivers which are sometimes more up to date than what is available from the Asus site. They are official Asus drivers but for some reason they are slow to be added to every device page.

Double check that they are specific to your hardware. The ATK package and Smart Gesture drivers for example are relevant to all Asus Win 10 laptops.

If you wish to update the ATK Package and the Smart Gesture drivers, ensure that you install the ATK Package drivers first, before the Smart Gesture. This has been stated by Asus as being advisable to avoid any problems.

If in doubt, create a restore point, install one driver that you want to update etc, check the performance of the laptop. If OK proceed to the next. Never do more than one at a time as doing more may confuse the issue if problems develop.

Leave BIOS update till last or not at all unless you have problems.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ;-)

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Hi @geordiemick ,

Why wouldn't the Asus drivers be the correct drivers for Asus equipment, especially if they say that they are for Win 10 (in your case)?

I thought that I answered your question.

"Installing the manufacturer's drivers is the better way to go. After all they know their product best."

Windows have their "drivers" which may not support all the features that are provided by Asus drivers for the hardware devices used in Asus manufactured/assembled equipment.

Cant say it any simpler than that.

The only time that Windows drivers would be better is if Asus did not have drivers suitable for the OS that was installed.

e.g. Win 10 was installed in an earlier model Asus computer but Asus had not yet updated all the drivers for the computer from Win 7 say, as they hadn't finished testing their "Win 10 drivers" for compatibility with Win 10 in the computer. When Asus released the "updated" drivers for Win 10, after testing for compatability, then it would be better to update from the Windows drivers to the Asus drivers.

It happens when new OS are released. usually there is collaboration between Microsoft and the major manufacturers so that they are ready on the release of the new OS but when older models are involved it may take a little time to catch up. Sometimes they don't support the new OS with drivers saying the equipment is too "old". Then you have to go with the Windows drivers for it to work or hope that the older Asus drivers will work with Win 10.

An example of this is I have an Asus Win 7 computer, mostly works fine on Win 10 but some of the power options don't work correctly because Asus won't update the BIOS to accommodate what Win 10 can do and Windows doesn't have the BIOS firmware for it, so am stuck with the Win 7 BIOS version. When asked Asus just said that they won't be doing it for that particular motherboard variant that I have, too old!.

- de

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Windows 10 package do the rest under windows update or you can manually install the missing drivers

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No you don’t need to install driver after installation of windows 10 because windows 10 already have default driver but to improve the performance you need to install some of the driver like processor or graphic driver(Intel, AMD, Nvidia). You must install audio driver because in default driver sound is low, after installing audio driver it will give great performance.

I hope this helps!

Mark Wilson

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