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No sound from the right speaker


I got a Macbook air 13" mid 2013 last month with a broken screen. I didn't tested the speakers before I replaced the screen, but after the replace I have no sound from the right speaker. I tried to replace it with a new speaker with no luck. Could be this issue is related with the IO board and some connectors there? Because the right speaker connection is on the other side and I didn't touch while the screen replace, just the IO board was removed. I don't think it's a software issue, I tried every PRAM and SMC reset, but no avail. Thats why I'm thinking about the IO board and some connection issue after the replace.

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I/O board includes some audio signals too. Double check connectors are properly seated and see with a magnifier all pins are in good shape, including those of the flat cable connecting logic and I/O boards.

If everything looks fine, best and cheapest option is to try and replace the I/O board.

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The right speaker connector is on the other side of the motherboard. And the left side speaker which is on the I/O board is working fine. Are you sure that one I/O board replacement is worth the investment?


Honestly no, how can I be sure without testing it ? If you want to have certainties you should take your Mac to a lab for testing..


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