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White lines and no touch after housing swap

Hey, I had a completely broken iPhone 6, so I bought a water damage phone on ebay planning to swap the board/touch id and have a working iPhone 6 again, when the phone arrived I tested the screen on the board and it worked fine, but after some plugging/unplugging the display to troubleshoot the phone now the display gives white lines and no touch, sometimes some part of the touch works, and sometimes it just start clicking everywhere, I already spent hours trying to fix it, cleanned both the ends of the connector with alcohol, tried resitting the connector a lot of the times and nothing, sometimes the white lines changes to another place, I attached a pic from the connector and the problem seems to be on the circled part, it doesn't seem to go entirely, but it clicks, someone can help me? thanks

Block Image

Block Image

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The issue is coming from two of those connectors, the one you have marked in red which is for touch screen and the one in the last row which is for the LCD which can also affect touch screen and display functionality if not connected properly.

It looks like there is gunk in the LCD connector on the board, with some careful fine tweezers or razor blade it can be removed but if not done properly the connector could be damaged more.

For the top one, that's a hit or miss, it's either going to have touch working fine after cleaning the below LCD connector or still not touch properly.

If it still does not touch properly it will require micro soldering to replace the touch screen connector on the logic board.

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