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Semi Bricked iPhone 7 after screen/earpiece/mic replacement.

A bit of a long story. Last fall i had my screen replaced on my iPhone 7 by apple. Shortly after i cracked it, then i think some water got inside, and the mic/ear piece started working intermittently.

I replaced the screen, mic, ear piece, and any ribbons associated (its been awhile since i did the repair) and now sometimes the phone would start, sometimes it would boot loop apple logo. Mostly it would boot loop.

Sometimes when it would load, the speaker/mic would work, sometimes it wouldnt. When it doesnt work, on a phone call the "speaker" icon would be greyed out.

Block Image

Ive tried updating/downgrading to different iOS versions, with no success. The board appears to have no damage done to it. Is it possible i got a bad speaker or mic and these items are stopping it from booting?

If i do a DFU mode then do a restore, i can get the phone to boot the first time, 100% of the time. This makes me think that the OS doesnt do a hardware check on this first boot. Here is a video of it directly after doing the DFU restore, then rebooting the phone

Im at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas? Got a bad headphone/mic? bad screen? idk. Updating to iOS 11.3.1 seems to make it boot more often, but still boot loops for awhile.

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Well, turns out there was junk in my lightning that out fixed it permanently =/

Dont forget the little things guys.

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the audio chip could have went bad as it can cause bootloop and could explain the audio problem aswell

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i was just reading about that. i wasnt able to find anything about this before. That certainly sounds like whats going on with my phone. Is there any chance apple will repair this outside of warranty? What are my aftermarket solutions? Im in canada, if that helps or hinders at all...

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apple wont repair it, try ipad rehab or sts telecom

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turns out it was junk in the lightning connector. unbelievable.

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that would usually only cause a charging issue

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It sounds like a faulty Audio IC chip and this can be fixed by the jumper wire - reball method. If it fails, then you would have to replace the Audio IC.

A somewhat difficult task if you are not familiar with this type of repair level.

I have fixed 5 phones with this exact same issue, already fixed.

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