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Panasonic TX-40DX 700B self test picture flickers


My Panasonic TX-40DX 700B is fine when watching programs through HDMI from sky box, picture is great all menus work and can access the internet.

The problem is when I try to watch Netflix, Amazon prime youtube from the built in apps, the screen shows squiggly flickering colors but there is sound. Also the self test screen is the same squiggly flickering colors but there is sound.

I have tried switching off and back on and also reset to factory settings.

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks

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Have the Netflix and Amazon Prime apps worked OK before?

Check if you have the latest firmware installed in the TV.

According to the link the latest update V3.270 was on 21.11.2017 and was to 'improve network applications'.

If you choose to update the firmware double check the model number of the TV as installing the incorrect firmware can "brick" the TV.

Also check the list in the link to make sure that I got it right. ;-)

Don't know why the self test didn't work. Did it give an error message at all with the test?

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We have only just got Netflix and Amazon Prime so not sure if they would have worked before.

They work ok on laptop, so don't think band width is a problem.

3270 is already installed on tv, it must have self updated.

I am at work at the moment and will run self test again at lunch time to see error message.

Thanks for your reply!



Not sure how to do this on your TV but can you clear the cache for the Netflix app? Just to see if it makes any difference. Try Settings>Apps>scroll down to all apps and click on Netflix (not sure though about this for your TV)

Also have you checked that it is the latest version as well?

I realize that you said that you can access the internet Ok from the TV but what connection type do you have, ethernet or WiFi? If Wifi try connecting direct to the modem (or router) with a cable and see if this solves it. It may be if WiFi that "streaming video" may be a problem if signal is weak at TV. Just a thought.



I checked self test and all it says is "if sound or picture not correct please check eHelp" but no error code.

I will check version of app but not sure how to update it and try the cache thing later.

I am using wifi connection but think I have a cable and will try that too.

Many thanks


Thanks for your help Jayeff. I tried a few different things but Panasonic reckon its a video processing issue with the A-PCB component, so a costly repair or new TV?



Did they tell you the cost of a new board?

Perhaps you may be able to find a used one online, if it is cheaper than a new TV.

Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck.


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