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How to connect new thermostat to ducted heating and swamp cooler


I have a swamp (evaporative) cooler and ducted heater which have both been connected to the same thermostat remote control, a Bonaire Comfort Control remote.

The remote control has now broken, and I would like to connect both units to a new thermostat.

The wires available to connect to a new thermostat are brown, red, orange and yellow.

I was interested in purchasing a basic Honeywell system, however the wiring diagrams make no allowance for a brown wire (see picture). The retailer does not believe joint wiring on the Honeywell is a possibility.

In fact, I havent found any thermostats that make allowances for brown wires, other than the original Comfort Control remote, which is no longer produced.

I dont know what the brown wire is for specifically.

Has anyone had this same issue before? How to resolve it?

Thank you.

Update (04/24/2018)

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Ingrid,

Did you have any luck figuring this out? I have a similar problem and trying to avoid a huge bill from the heating company!



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Sorry no. :-( Bonaire won't supply the wiring diagrams, and can't find any more info on the net. They also have no spare parts. Cheapest option will probably be to purchase a refurbished remote.

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@ingrids don't mean to resurrect your question if you have given up on it or just lost interest. I was wondering if you have a model number for the Bonaire as well as the cooler and the heater.

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For anyone who ends up here, the voltages on the cable I have in my house (same as the first picture) seem to suggest that it is a USB interface (Ground, Data, Data, 5V). More work is required.

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Hi @ingrids

If applicable to your location, you may wish to consider this.

It states amongst other things:

"i do have a limited number of spare remotes for $230 Change over(i keep your old remote)with 12 months warranty-comes with written instructions on how to code remote to heater/cooler"

Perhaps worth checking out if the price seems reasonable to you.

Apologies if you've been here already

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Hi Jayeff, I have seen this, and have tried to contact him, but havent had much luck so far. Further to this, Im wondering if its really worth spending $230 or more on a refurbished comfort control remote, when there are other dual heater/air con thermos on the market for $35 (theyre just not specifically designed for swamp coolers, and make no allowance for a brown wire). Since Bonaire no longer fabricate a comfort control remote, there must be alternatives available for those people who have dual heating and swamp cooling. Do you know what the brown wire could be for?

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Hi @ingrids ,

Still looking into it ;-)

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Hi @ingrids ,

Couldn't find a wiring diagram online so I don't know. The colours 'shown' in the 2nd picture, may bear no relevance to your existing wire colours. It depends on what their function is and every system may use a different colour combination.

Perhaps you should contact an authorized Bonaire service agent who might have a wiring diagram for the existing control.

Once you know what the function of each wire is you can relate that to where it has to be connected to the new thermostat control.

Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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Hi Ingrid,

I had this guy to check the remote, and it turned out it was OK.

I then got this guy to repair the control board.

He was brilliant, andhe said the control board had a separate header for a 24v thermostat. "There is a header for a 24V thermostat on the board (5-pin). You can use any normal 24V AC thermostat there, however, the thermostat must not draw current from the board, as that will turn on the heater. So if you connect a smart thermostat, you may need an interface board (relay board). Speak to the manufacturer about what you may need to do.

If you have the digital thermostat (comfort control) then you're better off keeping that as it can provide fault codes and allow you to reset the heater remotely, which the so-called smart thermostats probably won't be able to do."

Hope this helps!


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