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The Sennheiser RS 120 is an RF wireless headphone system with open, supra-aural headphones. This product can be identified through its model number, RS 120. The headset is the HDR 120, and the transmitter model number is TR 120. The Sennheiser RS 120 was released in 2004. They feature a transparent, well-balanced sound with excellent bass reproduction, making them an ideal choice for both hi-fi and TV use. The RS 120 offers freedom of movement, stylish design and optimum comfort at an affordable price.

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Hearing tv station other than what I am watching

Watching one station.

The audio through the headset is transmitting another station.

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Hi @jmag18 ,

Is the 'other station' a channel on the TV that you can select? If so what do you hear then? The same audio as on the TV?

Have you checked that the headphones' base station is connected to the TV that you are watching?

Change the channel on the headphones base station (switch on base of base station) and then try re-tuning the headset to see if you can 'tune' into the channel you are watching in case the headphones are picking up an audio signal from something else.

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