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Anunciado el 16 de octubre de 2014, identificable por el número de modelo A1347 y EMC 2840.

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Is it possible to install two 2.5" drives in 2014 Mac Mini?


I recently replaced my 1TB Fusion Drive with a 2TB SSD. During the hardware installation, I've noticed, that the internal design is not very different from the 2012 model and the space, where the SSD was mounted also could host a normal 2.5" SSD drive.

Does somebody know if this setup would work? Are there any solutions available? Also due to the fact, that the 2,5" drives are much cheaper than the proprietary Apple SSDs, this could be a budget solution (like I have in another 2012 mini: 500GB SSD + 2TB HDD).



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Almost the same ;-}

Unlike the older model which had two SATA ports, your system has a PCIe & one SATA port. Because of the I/O speed difference you can't RAID the drives.

Since you have upgraded your PCIe drive you still have the SATA port available. Follow this IFIXIT guide: Reemplazo del disco duro Mac Mini a finales de 2014 and you'll need this kit Mac mini Dual Drive Kit

Imagen de Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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You can RAID the drives if you really wanted to

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@ewhizz - The 2011 and 2012 units have dual SATA ports so they could be setup in a RAID.

The 2014 is a bit different here we have a tortoise and a hare problem!

The slower SATA port - SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) and then we either have a AHCI drive or a NVMe SSD drive. And to add more confusion we have the older Sierra release which has RAID support and the newer High Sierra and onwards which don't natively $$ from a third party.

Frankly, Using a single SATA SSD in this series is about the best you can get. Adding a second drive only makes sense if you have run out of space on the first or you want a bit more performance from your old spinning rust drive setting up a Fusion Drive with a small SSD.

- de

@danj Sure, but the "Because of the I/O speed difference you can't RAID the drives." comment is not correct. Setting up a RAID with dissimilar drives is not ideal, perhaps, but still very possible.

RAID support remains beyond Sierra in High Sierra, Mojave etc — the controls have just been removed in the GUI based Disk The ability to manipulate RAID volumes (AppleRAID) is still available via the command line diskutil

Given that 'RAID' covers striping, mirroring and concatenation, using two different disks is still possible.

- de

@ewhizz - Yes RAID covers many variations! But you risk or lose when you try to matchup a mismatch of drives. I/O will bite you if your data move is bigger and faster than what the other drive can support (software RAID will slow the write or read to the slower drive loosing performance and hardware will bomb out). In a Mirror set the larger drive is trimmed to be equal to the smaller wasting the other space, and lastly recovery of data is not really possible in any RAID set which only has 2 drives. This is more an issue when you have a HDD vs SSD setup.

Bottomline: They all require equal drives & I/0 to be dependable.

What I think you are saying is Just a Bunch of Disks - JBOD that is quite possible! That way the two drives are seen as one! But then you get into what the file sits, is it on the fast or slow drive. It also won't protect your data!

Basically, I would just use each drive independently and manually controlling where things sit. People are still smarter than computers!

- de

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