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Briggs & Stratton 190cc Model 120000 Quantum 675 Series Lawn Mower Engine. Released February 2011. For Toro 6.75 ft-lb torque Lawn Mower.

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Run problem on old Briggs and Stratton Troy Bilt tiller engine.

Engine will start if choke is closed, but dies when choke is opened. It will continue to run with choke almost closed for a short time, then it dies. I've verified that there is not a problem with the fuel line or filter. When the line is disconnected from the carburetor, fuel flows freely. This tiller is an early version build date in the early to mid seventies.

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PP dead on. Remove carb and clean proper. Avoid ethanol fuel if u can.

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I had the same thing,,,, turned out that the carbs jets were clogged with junk. cleaned them out , replaced all the gaskets and ran like new afterwards.

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I gave the carburetor a good cleaning yesterday. Everything looked good with the exception of the needle and seat deal for high speed fuel flow which had some crud in there. I cleaned it up and blew out all of the passages. I had to go to the sawbones for nasal surgery no sooner than getting done with that and am now not supposed to do anything as physical as pulling on the starter rope or lifting anything over fifteen pounds for the next five days! Murphy's law strikes again! That bugger never leaves my side! Thanks for the tip!

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Oh yeah, I found out why it would run with the choke closed all the way! It turns out that a small bolt on the bottom of the carburetor that holds the throttle bracket had fallen out. I had wondered how it was gettin air to run with the intake completely blocked with the choke plate being closed all the way. I'm hoping that I can simply crank it up and adjust the needle!

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@bhanna1 can you provide a model number for the engine? Sounds like a jetting problem with the carb. It may require some good cleaning. If you can get us your engine model I am certain we can help you with the carb.

Update (04/12/2018)

Check this Briggs-&-Stratton-Workshop-Man.pdf for a rebuild

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I finally found out that the model 'number' is Horse. It's an old bugger, think I got it in either the early or mid-seventies! I've got another problem I'm gonna have to mess with. The starter recoil deal isn't working very well! I have to reach in and turn the flywheel a little and/or bang on the cover to get it to engage.

Gonna have to rebuild it....if I can get the right parts info. So far when I try to look up the needed stuff on line I can't seem to find stuff for what I'm told is the Horse, they just show Horse I and Horse II. I'm trying to figure out how to get in touch with you again. I see that you are a TEXAN in San Antonio! Me too, We live in Lockhart, just south of Austin! Thanks!

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@bhanna1 the Troy Bilt Horse tiller came with a wide variety of engines from Kohler to Tecumseh and of course B&S engines. The B&S were mostly 8HP flatheads. I attached a REpair Handbook for B&S dfrom 1919-1981 and I think it may just have the information you need for a rebuild/restore.

You definitely live in a real cool area. Love the drive whenever we visit family in Bastrop and Austin! My email contact and Twitter are on my about page ;-) you get there by just clicking on my avatar....

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I didn't see an attachment Old Turkey03! Can you email it to me? If so here's key address: Thanks!

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