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Model Number: 7DTB39 / 8 gigabyte tablet / 7", 1024 X 600 screen

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How to flash my Hipstreet Titan 2?

I had been using Hipstreet Titan 2 for the last 4 years. Last year the glass of my tab had been broken by me mistakenly. I fix my tab's glass yesterday. But i forget my pattern. It was not being used for the last one year. So i don't remember it's pattern. Now i want to flash my tab. There are no important data included in my tab. So i can handle the removal of my data on the tab. So, please help me to flash my Hipstreet Titan 2 tab.

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Take a look at: Forgot password pattern to unlock screen. Please look through the forums first or google search before asking a question.

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What r u trying to say?please say clearly.

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I'm linking to another post.

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