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La Panasonic PV-GS9 es una videocámara mini DV compacta de nivel de entrada.

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How do I copy from recorded tape to my computer for copyin?

How do I copy from the tape in the camcorder to my computer as I want to send a copy to a friend?

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Gloria, what camcorder do you have? Just trying to figure out what out-connections you have.

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This really isn't a repair question. All the same here is a link to your owners manual.

I skimmed through it. The instructions you need are in there.

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This question is off topic

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Gloria, it depends what video output your camcorder has. It is relative simple with the right cable and the right software. If for example, your camcorder has a Firewire or USB output, you connect the cable to your cam and the other end in the computer. It is now up to the software to find your camcorder as recording/playback device. From here on it gets tricky to explain, since it is software dependent. has a good tutorial

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+ please don't remove this one to quickly as I'd like to know the answer

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I agree, sometimes even the non-repair related question that are being asked could be answered out of politeness. I try to remember how difficult it sometimes is to get any help to a question that seems to be pressing. thanks mayer :-)

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yep, full agreement. In some ways getting the best from our gadgets is preventing waste... fits the ifixit ethos

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I have done this a few times too like that one off-topic question

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Hi thanks for your answers. It is a Panasonic PV-GS9 palmcorder. In the past I have transferred tapes to video but video no now working so wanted to transfer to my PC. I know it is not a repair question but as a silver surfer I am not as technicaly minded as most people and did not know what to do next. I think I know what to do now so thank you all once again.

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