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Add solder to the iPhone bonding pads on motherboard

I needed to replace my u2 ic for my 5s. When I took off the ic, i saw that the solder pins on the motherboard (sorry for my bad “soldering” grammar). Had been pulled way. How can you put back the solder on the motherboard? I have seen people on videos on YouTube do it with solder wick but I can’t do it.


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The only way to get it working is to create bridges with wire and solder all the way back from the missing pad to the relevant power/data line. If you pulled a couple of pads, with time and patience you can try to recreate the missing ones. If you pulled many more or all, you can add the logic board to the pile of boards for spare parts. If you post a picture someone experienced might be able to tell you for sure if it's a feasible task.

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Yep...and I would add that pulling pads is caused by pulling on the ic before all the solder balls have properly molten. They are very delicate so they will tear off the board immediately if you pull on the IC too soon.


So the solder wick method won't work? Because I saw people who somehow "dripped" solder on the bonding pad and then used the wick to fill in the holes.


@warrantyvoider can you share a link?

Some people will create micro-jumpers using individual strands of solder wick. Normally, you would "tin" the pad or trace first so that you get a good joint. This may be what you're referring to but I would not refer to that as a "solder wick method".


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