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Best battery adhesive removal?

Currently having trouble with battery removal of this phone. I would like to know if there are any highly recommended adhesive removal solvents, rather than heating up the battery and trying to use a pick for this device? I have seen on some video but can't remember which one it was, if someone could point me to the right video or solution I would appreciate very much :)

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Acetone or methanol will do the trick.

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Thanks for that, worked exceptionally well, I was abit reluctant on contact with the battery but after testing little bits it neither damaged the middle Frame or the batteries protective sleeve. Thank you very much for your wisdom! ( I have also seen a few of your other articles relating and am surprised I never followed through with it.)

- de

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Isopropyl alcohol with flexiable plastic card. Probably the best method for all battery replacements.

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Hi KmkZ,

I would recommend purchasing the official iFixit adhesive removal kit or refill for removing your battery. Just a few ml of this should do the trick in about a minute to minute and a half.

Hope this helps,


Imagen de iFixit Adhesive Remover


iFixit Adhesive Remover


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