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A 12.5" ultrabook with multitouch capabilities and 360° of screen articulation. Ships with 4th-generation Intel Core processors and Windows 8.1.

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Display sensor activates past 90 degrees (tablet mode)


On my ThinkPad yoga 12/s1, the hinge sensor has been acting up lately. After sitting at a 90 degree position for about 10 minutes, the sensor goes off, disabling keyboard and trackpad input. Bending the screen all the way around and almost closed de-activates it, but bending it up past 90 degrees sets it off again. The only temporary fix is to put the computer to sleep by closing the screen, and opening it. The only problem is, it does its same thing 10 minutes later.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



P.S. This model of yoga (s1 or 12) has not been added to the yoga series. No guides are avalible for this laptop as far as I know on this website

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Fortunately, it appears a nice cleaning of the connections and a few power cycles did the trick! Thanks to DrGlowire for all of your help!


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Check the power settings, it may be set to turn off the display after 10 minutes. You can right click on the icon on the task bar, open Control Panel and select Poser Options or type Power Options in Cortana search box.

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Unfortunately, my display is already set to never shut off in power settings. The problem I am having is the tablet mode activating, where it disables keyboard and touch input.



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Check for updates on Lenovo web site. Another thing to try is to remove the keyboard and clean the connections. Try opening Device manager, open the USB settings and check each one for Power Management. Disable "Allow Windows to turn off power" for USB hubs.

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