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This is an ASUS laptop with a 15.6 inch monitor released in 2014, identified by part number R510LA-RS71.

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My Asus R510LA-RS71 is overheating.

My laptop is running hotter than usual. Why is it overheating and how can I fix it?

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The issue may be one of three things: it could be dust build up, exhaust vent blockage, or a faulty fan. We have created a manual that goes into detail about how to fix these problems.

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There could be a number of things occurring in this case. Dust or debris may be blocking the heat vent, obstructing the fan from properly working, or the fan may be malfunctioning altogether. All of these issues can compound and cause damage to the rest of the PC. You can diagnose which of these problems are the source of overheating via our troubleshooting page.

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