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Nikon's 16.1 MP, 60X zoom, 1080p Full HD Compact Digital Camera. Release date: February 7, 2014

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Why is my LCD showing all green with the image outline, no colour.


I have an issue with my P600 LCD screen. It should show colour. It started of as an intermittent green blotchy image, now the entire screen image is green. You can make out the picture/video with outlines but filled in with all green. I hope this isn't your of. Description. As well the selector is switching functionalities by itself. Common issue. Just wanted to throw that in there.



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Yes all my pictures/videos are fine. I need to know whether to change the screen itself or is there a printed circuit board associated with it?

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@dartmango since we won't have any schematics for the PCB's it will be difficult to troubleshoot the PCB. Going by your description, I would start with replacing the LCD. Try to get it from a place that will take return's just in case it is a deeper error.

There is no PCB for just the LCD, that circuitry is most likely on the main board.

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Thank you so much for your reply, it was a great help. Off I go to to hunt the LCD screen down. I believe on eBay they sell for like $20 ball park. It's an affordable gamble.


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@dartmango best of luck and let us know what you find out.

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Yes I sure will. Maybe I will document it and ad it to IFIXIT.

Have a great week !!!

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@dartmango sounds like you either have a bad LCD or a bad image sensor. If your picture comes out normal, it is most likely your LCD that has failed. If not then you are probably looking at a bad image sensor.

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