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Released in 2011, identified by model number: 80-166860, made and sold by Vtech.

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Why won't this tablet charge?

My son has been happily playing with his tablet recently but it turned itself off as it ran out of power. I went to charge it up for him but it won't charge. Green light isn't coming on. Have tried other charges that fit the devise and these aren't doing it either so I assume it's a problem with the battery.

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my kids played with it for a week or two before it quit charging. I always figured they broke it and didn’t care much because it was a gift and I would rather they play outside, but recently at school they’ve gotten all these educational programs that I think would work on the thing and am wondering if it was just a faulty piece of junk product in the first place…

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I had this same problem. Suddenly the tablet went dead and wouldn't take a charge. The green charge light wouldn't even come on when the tablet was plugged in. The only easy way I could figure out to fix this was to remove the rechargeable batteries and install 4 regular Double AA batteries. Once I did this, it worked again. Apparently, when the rechargeable batteries die, it won't even show that it's charging. From now on we will just run it on Double AA batteries.

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Me too but the charging light still turned on

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Angela Kaminski did u put the batteries in the casing for the battery it's self?

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@sezza1 could be the charging port and/or the battery. Take a look inside the port to see if there are any bend corroded contacts or if there is debris in it that will prevent it from making proper contact. If that checks out start by replacing the battery. while you are in your tablet. get a multimeter and connect the charger. Then measure on the outer-most points of the charging port if you are getting power to it. If not then you know that there are issues with the port. Use these guides VTech InnoTab Max to work on it.

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The batteries are not replaceable

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The exact battery is not to be found but looking at the VTech InnoTab Max Battery Replacement guide (see image at Step.8) the battery specifications are 3.7V 3800mAH with dimensions of 6.7mm D x 56mm W x 80mm L (written as 675680 on the battery, - there is a always an unwritten decimal point between the first two digits - battery labeling convention)

So you could try to find a battery with these specs.

The closest comparable ones that I could find are here (505080 - 5.0mm D x 50mm W x 80mm L)

Admittedly, they have less capacity at 3000mAH and are only a 2 wire, connection not having a sense wire (white wire). This can be overcome by connecting the sense wire connection on the motherboard either directly to the -ve battery terminal on the motherboard or via a 10K Ohm resistor to the -ve battery terminal. (You only have to do this, either way, if there are problems with charging the battery.

The good thing about the batteries shown is that they will FIT into the tablet, perhaps with a bit of tape to hold them more securely in place.

At least for a minimum cost you will have a working tablet and helped slow the ever growing mountain of e-waste

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