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El DZ09 es un reloj inteligente chino con funciones básicas y capacidad de llamada. ¡Estos pueden ser tan baratos como $10! (¡Sí, lo leíste correctamente!)

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Dz09 cards, got them from my phone. Now saying the SIM card is locked

My sister got me a DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch/Phone for Christmas. I tried going on Facebook, the Browser. twitter, and What's app. It said I needed a Valid SIM and SD Card. Now, I unmounted the SD Card from my Alcatel OneTouch Elevate, and also took the SIM Card Card. Luckily, it's not saying anything about the SD Card now. But one issue. It's saying: "The SIM Card has been locked. Please try Power Cycling the Device. If problem persists, Call Customer Support." Someone please tell me why. Is it because it's the wrong sized SIM Card? Something's messed up? Is it because I'm not with a Carrier for my Phone? On the front of the SIM Card, it says Sprint. Please help me, I would appreciate it.

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not call to any number

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Hi @umair abbasi,

Has it ever worked?

Is the SIM card from a service provider that has a 2G network?

The watch does not work as a phone when trying to connect to a 3G or 4G phone network.

It works on a 2G network ONLY

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I am able to call and text from my Dz09 smart watch but I cannot access the internet or apps and mine keeps saying insert valid sim and next to the battery display is says insert sim....

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Low tech watch###########################!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi @betasqaud001

Are you trying to use the phone's SIM card in the watch?

According to the user guide (scroll to p4) the DZ09 only supports 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz.

If the SIM's phone service provider doesn't have 2G in your area it won't work.

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In addition maybe you need to desable sim password in your mobile phone before you use it in the smartwatch.

Es conveniente desabilitar la clave de la tarjeta sim en un móvil antes de usarla en el teléfono.

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