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La consola de juegos Xbox de tercera generación de Microsoft, lanzada el 22 de noviembre de 2013.

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Lightning strike on the HDMI port

My Xbox had the cable box video set up on it and lightning hit and everything went out and now the picture on my Xbox doesn't look right and I don't know how to fix it . It still works and everything but the picture is small any help would be great if anybody has any ideas

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Is it stuck in low resolution mode? If yes it's probably a HDMI chip / circuit fault. A reputable console repair store can get that fixed for you. Might be one available locally.

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Try unplugging everything including the plugin brick (if you are using one) for a minute or two then pulg it back in. Also unplug any usb drives and take out any disk beforehand.

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Not a foolproof plan but that’s what works with some things.

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Are your devices plugged into a surge protector or a power strip? Surge will be bulky and power strip a thin bar with outlets. If it took a lightning surge without surge protection it's going to be VERY difficult to identify the problem unless you've got professional training in electronic repair. If there wasn't surge protection you're “lucky" it even powers on at all to attempt to fix it. Unless you have pro skills I only see 2 options, 1 take it to a pro 2 replace the entire system. Unfortunately either way you pay out of pocket. New console would probably be your best bet. Even if a professional gets it working there's 0 guarantee that other parts won't soon follow suit of the original damaged components. If other parts took damage but not enough to fry them than providing full power to the system will only compromise them. Sorry I can't offer better advice

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