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My PC shut down during a windows update due to power failure, now a w

My PC shut down during a windows update due to power failure, now a windows icon is stuck on the screen for over 4 hours, what should I do?

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If you have Win 10 installed try to get into the WRE (Windows Recovery Environment) menu area.

To do this, turn off the laptop and then start it again. Once it starts allow it to start to boot into Windows and then force stop the laptop by holding the power button until it shuts down.

Do this procedure 3 times, i.e. start > boot > shutdown, start > boot > shutdown. On the 3rd attempt it should boot into the WRE.

Once there select Troubleshoot > Advanced > Start up Repair and follow the prompts.

Do not select Reset your PC as this will erase all your data and reinstall Windows.

If this doesn't work use the same procedure and try to restore your pc using a system restore point or a system image (if you have them that is)

If you haven't got a WRE for whatever reason on your laptop, you can create a Windows 10 Recovery USB from any known working Win 10 computer. You'll need an empty 8GB flashdrive and about 60 minutes of time to do this. In the computer go to Control Panel > Recovery. When you have created the USB drive, plug it into the laptop and then alter the boot options in the laptop (usually press F12 on startup) to boot from the USB first. It will load the WRE and you can try the startup repair as mentioned before.

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thank you

I was able to revert my locked computer to an earlier windows version and try to download/reinstall the newer window version


My desktop shuts down during a Windows update from an external hard drive due to power outage and after that, I didn't have access to the external hard drive, the main storage doesn't show on the computer only the system reserved storage. Please what can I do??


Hi @heritageade ,

Just to clarify.

The Windows OS is on a HDD that doesn't show up in BIOS, is this correct?

If it is detected by BIOS and if the reserved storage partition is located on the same HDD then the other partition information may have been corrupted.

Did you try booting with a Win 10 USB recovery disk as described above to check if it can detect the OS at all?


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