The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Upright (DC75 Animal) is a user friendly, multi-floor vacuum. Model# 206031-01. (UP14)

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Hose is getting sucked in and crimped at suction base

I have a ball animal 2 vacuum. The hose is getting sucked in and crimped at the base. I checked for blockages and did not find any. It's also not sucking up as much as it should. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @kristieleigh19 ,

Have you checked that the filter is not clogged up?

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I will remove and wash them and see if that works. Thanks!


Have you pulled the hose off and make sure you can see light all the way through? Typically if your hose is collapsing, there is a blockage issue somewhere.


Yes and nothing is there.


Does the sound of the motor and suction change when you disconnect the hose from down by the ball?


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