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A general-purpose audio device that transmits low audio frequencies to your ears.

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Duel 4ohm sub multimeter ohm check

I have a boss audio system 10” 850 W duel 4ohm sub. When I hooked up the multimeter to check the ohms it’s reading 6.2. I was under the impression that the on reading should be around 4.0 Is that a bad sub? Or blown sub? Also when I smell the speaker it’s not like burnt wiring. Burnt voice coils? When I press down on the sub it will jump from 6.2 up to 13.3, 27.2 And everywhere in between. But it always settle at 6.2. Am I supposed to have that much variance?

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Hi @ibrobz1904 ,

Did you measure directly across the "isolated" individual speaker terminals or across the input to the sub?

There may be more components which will add to the DC resistance figure which may account for the higher than expected reading.

You are only measuring the DC resistance of the speakers or of the input.

The figure of 4 Ohms you quoted is the nominal impedance of the speakers. Effectively the "resistance" to the AC audio signals.

Here is a link that describes it better than I can.

The variations may be due to the design and construction of the speaker.

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