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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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keyboard or mouse not working after a pc reset

Hi, my notebook ASUS X205TA freezes on the welcome screen after I did a PC-windows reset that reinstalled windows. the keyboard doesn't work and the mouse doesn't move. I'm always stuck at the blue welcome screen that shows "Hi there, let's get a few basic things out of the way"

external mouse or keyboard also not working.

i've tried to reset the notebook once again but it didn't help. I think it is the keyboard and mouse drivers are the problem but i don't have any idea of how i can deal with that.

anyone got an idea ? please help!.

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Try starting with a USB recovery for your version of Windows, you can get this from the Microsoft Support website.


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plug in an external usb mouse and usb keyboard and re boot

Download update chipset

All should work after that

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hello , i have the same issues after resetting,i install all the drivers provided in the link but no solution.

please advice.keyboard and mouse not working

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Downloading and installing Chipset drivers worked for mi

Here you are Windows 10 32 bits drivers


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