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The Asus K53E-BBR3 is a stylish 15.6 inch metallic notebook for everyday use that came out in 2011.

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How do I activate my short cut keys?

My function keys(Fn) used to function well before I sent my laptop to technicians to be fixed . Now my short cut keys are no longer functioning . For instance when I'm playing music and wish to skip a song , I used to press "Fn + forward arrow" . Now I have to use mouse to achieve this . "Fn + Enter" for a calculator .

My laptop is ASUS K52J ...

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I would go into your device manager and check the HID keyboard to see if there's a driver error. Try updating, disabling, enabling (in that order) the driver for the keyboard. If that doesn't work, there's a chance that the replacement keyboard they installed was defective.

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I think the hardware is OK, not a driver issue. You did not say what kind of repair was done but I am guessing that the short cuts you used were lost during repair. The short cuts can be recreated, I found an article that describes how to create a keyboard shortcut, it looks like this can help you make keyboard short cuts.

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