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Lanzado en marzo de 2016, el Rift CV1 es el primer visor de realidad virtual de Oculus dirigido al consumidor.

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My IPD changes are not registering in Oculus Home

I recently dropped my Oculus when trying to clean the lenses and although it still functions with no noticeable loose parts, changes in the IPD using the slider are not detected in the software. The lenses themselves move and I can get a clear image but as my IPD is ~60mm and the software is stuck reading at 71mm in-game perspectives are not correctly scaled.

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A few things to try:

Try rebooting the Oculus rift

try rebooting the PC

try reinstalling the Oculus rift program

try moving the sliders for lens distance to the minimum and maximum while the rift is not connected to the PC and then try plugging it in again after doing that.

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Tried the above but no change, also tried the oculus beta channel incase it was a software issue. Looking around it looks like something has come loose inside which detects the distance but the disassembly guide seems to have changed as the headset now uses Torq screws, not just clips like the iFixit guide.

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Interesting! I'll notify the admins Could you post a picture? Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

I would do it myself, but if mine isn't broken, people will get mad at me for opening it!

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I found a video which shows the screws. Just ordered a set of torq screwdrivers to see if I can get inside. Also found if I give the headset a knock on the left side, the IPD value changes slightly

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Done and Done, Admins have been notified.

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