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Aorus x7 v7 touchpad not work

My Aorus x7 v7 seems like have some hardware issue with the touchpad. Because the touchpad doesn't work, I tried to update the driver and enable the touchpad in system setting, but the touchpad still not work and the device management can not even recognize the touchpad. However, this laptop support one technique that when you click the touchpad after shutdown the laptop, the battery indicator will show current battery level, and this function works fine. This confused me that whether if the touchpad has some kind of hardware issue, does anyone know?

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Hi @d_wei ,

If you have Win 10 installed it still may be a driver problem.

Here is a link to the latest Asus Win 10 drivers.

Download and install the ATK package and Smart Gesture drivers. Take heed of the Note: near the top of the page regarding installation of the drivers.

>>>>>>>>>>Install the ATK package drivers first, before installing the Smart gesture drivers<<<<<<<<<<

Do not be tempted to install any other drivers from this page at this time. Fix one problem at a time.

if it ain't broke don't fix it!

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Es könnte sein das Windows Fall Creators Update zugeschlagen hat. Oft geht danach das Touchpad nicht mehr, weil eine Gestensteuerung über das Pad hinzugekommen ist. Diese kennt der alte Treiber noch nicht und schon geht es gar nicht mehr...

Bei Aorus gibt es für das Modell einen Beta Treiber zum Download.

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