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Why does the RPM fluctuate sporadically when I drive at a steady speed

My 1999 Suzuki Vitara's RPM fluctuates sporadically when I am driving at at steady speed but this only happens when the service engine light turns on, and sometimes the car doesn't turn over until I wiggle the connection wires to the battery but there isn't any corrosion so I'm thinking the battery problem might be poor wire connections. I'm just not sure whats wrong with the RPM.

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Sounds like your car is going in to limp mode, when the check light is on. If you have to wiggle the battery leads to start, then that is part if not all of your problem. Try tightening them so they have no slack in them and then erase the codes if set. Then try to start it again.

If you still have the problem and it only starts cold and not so much when hot, then could be your crankcase sensor.

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