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Diode on board blew need replacement.

Diode D4 I don’t know anything its about and what to use to replace it on the board?

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good day, take some pictures for us to see :)

hopefully we are able to see the values. :P

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What kind of device is the blown diode in?

Send us the model number and brand with some pictures so we can help you out

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Hi @troyj ,

FYI the device "usually" can be found by viewing the image to the right of the OP's question. That information is supplied by the OP when they fill out the ifixit ask a question form. As to the model number that is always a problem as a lot of people forget to add that info in their question so it always has to be asked of them, which slows down the process.


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So y reply to my question?

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Hi @troyj ,

I replied to your question because you asked "What kind of device is the blown diode in?". In the second sentence you ask what "brand". The "brand" and "device" information had already been supplied by the OP.

Because of this I thought that perhaps you might be unaware of where to look to find this kind of information in a question.

"Mr Christmas Musical Carousel" says it all as far as brand and device goes, but admittedly not the model number..

- de

Thank you.. but answer the gentleman's question

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Hi @troyj ,

I'm waiting for his response to both @salmonjapan 's and your request to supply pictures of the diode in question and perhaps the pcb as well.

Up until then I'd be only guessing as to the rating of the diode.

Although It may not be that critical as the power supply for the device is only 6VDC.

So I guess a standard IN4001 would get him out of trouble, (if it would physically fit that is and the pcb was hole through and not smd), but there is always a reason why a component fails, especially if it "blows" (according to the OP). This suggests that there may be other problems that might have caused this to happen.

- de

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