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El Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-011-18R3 es una tableta 2 en 1 con teclado acoplable que ejecuta el sistema operativo Windows. Fue lanzado originalmente en mayo de 2014.

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Recovering data with broken system

Windows 8.1 won't boot on this device. I have some important files to recover from it. Bootable usb with linux doesn't help. Is there a way to get them back?

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Do you have a working desktop PC? So you could test the disk.

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i have but im not sure if it has internal hdd

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How did it break? did you drop it? spill something on it?

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i installed updates and the system crashed

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Problem fixed: i booted the windows 8.1 usb drive, then launched cmd. Using it I managed to move all the files to the usb. However switching between the drives doesn't work without "cd /d c:\".

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You can try using an external USB adapter for the drive and then connect it to a working computer to try to copy your data.

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does it have hdd though?

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HDD or SSD? both should work fine with a hard drive docking station. You can find them on amazon I'm sure, or just open up your desktop and connect with sata.

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