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Repair guides for cell phones manufactured by Panasonic.

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How to remove Pause option from Panasonic cordless KX-TG6821

Hi all,

this phone worked great so far.

All of a sudden , When I tried to make a call and after dialing the first digit, the pause icon appears on the bottom right corner of the display. According to the manual ( :

Pause (for PBX/long distance service users) A pause is sometimes required when making calls using a PBX or long distance service. When storing a calling card access number and/or PIN in the phonebook, a pause is also needed (page 22). Example: If you need to dial the line access number “0” when making outside calls with a PBX

I assume that I have pressed a wrongful key combination. Nevertheless I haven't found a way to remove this and retrieve the previous working mode without this pause to appear.

Update (01/08/2018)

I need to remove the pause

Update (01/08/2018)

Advice on how to,do,thi#.

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Hi @dk1301 ,

Are you using the phone's Phonebook feature to make the call?

A "pause' may have inadvertently been entered along with the number.

Is it always to the same number?

If so, have you checked if the number stored in the Phonebook has the pause programmed in it?

Alternatively if it is from the Phonebook and it is certain numbers only try deleting them from the Phonebook and re-entering them

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Panasonic KX-THF975 tried pushing off button many times but still can’t get Pause off.

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@dk1301 the Off button on these phones may help you out. Try to pick up the phone and press the OFF button multiple times. Then try to dial a number, by pressing the TALK button, and then the number. See if that removes the pause.

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Can’t get it off

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@denali can't get what off? Can't turn it off?

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