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The HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx is widescreen and portable entertainment notebook.

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laptop very slow loading pages

my laptop is very slow loading pages and loading pages on the internet please help

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Was your laptop always slow in loading pages?

Also is your wifi setup correctly?

- de

yes it was slow and wifi I think is setup ok

- de

Hi @spanky4950 ,

What OS is installed in the laptop?

Do you only connect by WiFi or can you try Ethernet connection?

Does your email load quickly?

What browser are you using? Can you try another browser?

Have you a 3rd party A/V (anti virus) installed? If so have you checked that Windows Defender is turned OFF? You don't want 2 A/V running at the same time.

Try starting the laptop in "safe mode with networking", then go online to see how it downloads the pages.

What have you tried?

- de

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Work though the Slow Laptop page on the Restart wiki (, then, if you need to, come back with a more focussed question.

The first thing to establish: is the laptop slow generally (booting and launching programs) or is it only when you're browsing the Internet? If the activity light on your router is continually flashing while your laptop is connected, even when you're not loading pages, you could have something bad on your laptop or your router which is eating up your bandwidth. Easy thing to try: switch your router off and on again.

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Try updating the network driver.

Try stopping software updates from places like adobe and flash.

Try updating the bios.

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why the BIOS?

- de

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