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Replacement Timer for Intermatic Landscape Light Transformer

Would like to repair this unit rather than replace it. The timer mechanism has worn out and will not turn on the transformer when the tripper reaches the set time. It stalls at the set time and apparently slips when the tripper engages the switch. The part tag shows the timer as Intermatic PB115M2 but internet search shows no results. Any ideas? Thanks!

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As a followup to this issue. I was unable to find the timer mechanism but was able to replace the light sensors in my two boxes. The light sensors are still manufactured by Intermatic (Intermatic K4021C 120-Volt Fixed Position Thermal Photocontrol) and the system now works fine as a dark to daylight controller. Not completely fixed.... but functional and not in the Landfill.

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I have the same problem too. I dont want to spend another $200 for new transformer just because of the timer..

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I have the same problem too. don't spend extra for new transformer just because of the timer..

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If it plugs into a power outlet and you can leave it set permanently to ON then the easiest way to continue to use it, as finding the correct replacement timing mechanism may be difficult, is to connect it via a timer to the power outlet. (The timer is just an example, you may find a cheaper one that suits you better).

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Jayeff, Good idea!,

I have to find a way to protect an additional timer from the elements as the original plugs into a weather protected outlet.

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Hi Steve,

More expensive but here - again just an example as you are 120V and this is 240V but the idea is the same

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Timer conected to timer? Lol

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