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New iFixit Battery Not charging

I replaced my factory battery with a new iFixit battery. The new battery had 70% when installed, I allowed it to die and now I put it to charge and it stays at 2%. If I unplug the computer it turns off and has to reboot.

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Sounds like your battery is not charging. I would suspect the mag-safe board right off the bat. What was happening with your old battery? Please download and install and run Coconut Battery then post your results so we can get a better idea of what is going on.

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The old battery was swollen, so I purchased an new replacement


macOS Battery Status: Good

Battery Failure: yes

Power adapter: 85 watts

Cycle count:2

Charging with: 0 Watts

Current Charge 136 mAh

Full Charge Capacity 6891 mAh


Well it shows to be a failed battery, which is unusual for a battery with only two cycles but it does happen. I would request a replacement.


Whats up with battery failures on iFixit batteries? this is probably the 2nd one i've seen today...


Right now I don't know if it is the battery. Looks like it was run for one cycle to test it before you got it. We won't know till you try a second one. It can very well be something else.


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